Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Soap Box - Feb/19th

Since I am one of the billions of people who watch these fabulous soaps, I thought that I would start a new feature.  We will see where it goes, but for now it will be intermittent postings, and if I find that I have a lot to say - then I will turn it into a weekly posting. Perhaps a Friday Round-up.

Let me just say for now that I have been watching Y&R since 1979, which was in the shows sixth year.  And except for the month when my daughter was in the hospital (the month Cassy died!) I have never missed a single show!  In fact, thanks to youtube, I have even caught up on that missing month, so, I can say that I have not missed a show in 34 years!!

Hands down, Y&R is my favorite soap.  Although I did watch Another World right up to it's final episode, and then I watched Passions for the entire time it was on the air - from the very first show to the last.

Bold and the Beautiful is - as most of us know - a spin-off of Y&R, so naturally, I have watched this one since day one as well.

So, on that note, let me just say that the new story line with Eric and Taylor potentially getting together makes me extremely uncomfortable.  I am not at all happy about it!  Despite the fact that Eric has also been with Brook and Donna ... so, I'm not sure why I feel so strongly against Taylor.  But I do. So there! lol

The other main story line at the moment is of course Liam's flip-flopping between Hope and Steffy.  I have to admit that in the beginning I was rooting for Hope.  But - and this is the clincher - I am starting to sway over to team Steffy.  Which in and of itself is remarkable as I am not a huge Steffy fan.  Go figure!

As for Y&R - yesterday we FINALLY learned what is happening with Leslie and Tyler, turns out that the case Avery is working on will potentially set free the person who killed their mother.  Did we not see this coming?

Now how to tie the Congressman into all of this? I'm thinking the mother was a maid or employee of some sort, and that she and the Congressman were lovers.

I suppose time will tell!!

Anyhow ... this is the beginning of my Soap Box.  If you love these shows - as I do ... I hope you will follow along and share your thoughts with me.  You can do so via the Contact page through email or on the EE Facebook page.

Just a heads up to my American friends - in Canada, we view Y&R a day before you do - so if you don't want to know what's happening .. you should follow along with caution as it is not my intention to be writing spoilers.  So consider yourselves warned! ;-)

Until next time...

Walk in Beauty, Love & Light