Friday, February 8, 2013

Spirit Within

How is life to be measured? Is it how much money you have? How many accolades you've received? Is it your position in your professional life? Is it the car you drive? The size of the house you own? Or the fanciness of the furnishings inside?  The truth of the matter is that the value of life is not measured by any of these things.  Life is measured by the content of character. The pureness of spirit and the love within your heart.

This evening I attended a celebration of life for a woman who recently crossed over to the divine. The room was full. Standing room only. And although the entire room was collectively grieving, remembering, celebrating ... the thing that stood out most for me was the love in spirit that indeed filled the room.  I immediately felt and recognized the holiness within the space.

For when we move past the tears we know that loved ones who are no longer with us, now dwell in the presence of our Lord.  And we know that the spirit of God - the Holy Spirit resides within us.  For we are temples of Christ. Therefore our loved ones are always with us. For we are one.

And when we pass on, because we are spirit, because we are energy - we must remember that energy never dies - it simply transforms. Think of cubes of ice floating within a glass of water.  They appear separate from the water, but once they melt away, they do not disappear, they simply transform - they return to their original state. They merge with the source.

The same is with people.  Because we are of God and indeed the holy spirit resides within each of us, when we pass - our spirits return to the source. Our bodies, mere vessels, return to the earth.  Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

But while we are still here, what is the purpose? A question, which has been asked over the centuries. For me, I believe that we are here to deliver the message of love. To help our fellow man. To express goodness wherever we may be.  I believe that through us, through our earthly interactions, we are meant to extend the spirit,which lives in us - to connect with those who may not be aware of the spirit within themselves.

The term Namaste is a greeting which exemplifies the very essence of what I believe is at the core of our purpose here on earth. "The God in me sees/recognizes/acknowledges the God in you."

For in truth we are not human beings having a spiritual experience - but rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

And once we see/recognize/acknowledge that in not only ourselves, but in those around us - and in recognizing the divine in each other, we share not only spirit but the love of God with one another, in helping however we are called upon. It is then that I believe we have achieved true measurement of our appointment in this life.