Saturday, February 16, 2013

Silent Witness

- A prominent attorney returns home to defend an old friend accused of murder.

- Dermot Mulroney, Judd Hirsch, Anne Heche, Anthony Ruivivar, Jake Goodman.

I just finished watching this Made-for-TV-movie, and I have to say that I remain steadfast in my opinion that some of the best gems are found on the small screen.  An old fashion 'who done it' will keep you guessing right up to the very end.  Aren't they the very best kind?  I absolutely adore these types of movies and this one did not disappoint.

I have to admit that it had me completely captivated and convinced of who I thought the victim was here.  I'm sure this movie will do the same for you.  Although I won't be keeping it in my permanent movie collection, I admit that I would not mind watching it again, and recommend that if you come across this gem on your own TV or in your local movie rental store ... your should give it a whirl. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

I am giving this movie three boxes of popcorn.