Monday, February 4, 2013

Make That Penny Count

We all have a jar of pennies somewhere in our home don't we?  With the penny going out of circulation today in Canada, we are now left with making a decision as to what we are going to do with all of those pennies we've been collecting.

Sure we can roll them up and bring them into the bank.


We can bring that jar, box, pitcher, over-sized wine jug (you know the one!) and donate them to a local charity right in our own communities!

Put those pennies to work. Make them count!

Some examples of local charities who could benefit from your donations are:

  • The Foodbank
  • The School Breakfast Club
  • The Boys & Girls Club
  • The Animal Shelter
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Children's Hospital

Or your own favorite local charity!!

The point is to not let those pennies die in vain.  Put them to work right there in your own community.

Go ahead! Give 'em your two cents worth!