Monday, February 4, 2013

I Will!

In life we each have hurdles we need to overcome.  We each have goals we are trying to achieve.  Whether it is simply getting to the next level in a facebook game ... or the next level in life, you have to believe in your abilities and run your own race.

One thing I've learned in life is that if you spend time looking around to see what everyone else is doing, you will only trip yourself up. You are your only competitor!

You can also be your own harshest critic.  Try not to allow that to happen. Just because you may not be going at the rate that you think you should - or at the rate someone else is going - doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong.

I have to tell myself this every time I leave my home.  Fibromyalgia has slowed down my mobility significantly over the decades and this past year I have slowly been building up the strength in my legs. When I go out and people pass me on the sidewalk - I have to tell myself that I am going at my own pace and I will get where I need to be - in my own time. And the only thing that matters is that I will get there!

The same can be said for this blog. I began writing it because ... well... I like to write.  I never ever thought about an audience. Quite honestly the thought of followers never entered my mind.  And here we are with the blog going on 20,000 page hits!  That amazes me! I look at all of the countries around the world with people who are reading my words - my thoughts ... and I am shocked.  Humbled .. but shocked!

I suppose the lesson in all of this is that whether it is a game, or a diet, or a stroll down the street, or a post in a blog... do it at your own pace. One pound, one step, one word at a time. And you will get there.

Just like that little engine that could; remind yourself "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can"  And you will!!