Monday, February 11, 2013

Angelic Messengers

Whether you are religious or not. Whatever your belief system may be, the one thing that is true is that when our loved ones pass on, we search for a way to connect - to stay connected.  The truth is that as our loved ones pass on, they seek to stay connected with us as well. For love does not end with death.

The word angel comes from the Greek word 'angelos' from the word 'ev-angelos' which means the gospel or good message.  Angels are messengers of God and not only are they around us all the time, guiding and protecting us, but they also carry messages from God to us.

Angels will present themselves to us in many different ways. I remember shortly after my grandmother died, I would see her everywhere. One day I was walking through a neighborhood, pushing my daughter in the stroller, and could see my grandmother walking ahead of me - about two blocks ahead.  I called out to her and she looked back at me over her shoulder, then went into a corner cafe'.  I began to walk faster to catch up to her ... the cafe was never out of my sight. My eyes were fixed on the door the entire time.  And when I entered the cafe in Cabbagetown, Toronto, there was nobody in the store except for me, my daughter and the clerk.  I asked if there was a back door to the store and the clerk said there was none and that nobody had come in ahead of me.  I knew different.

I remember another time when shortly after my friend's father had passed away in a horrible car accident, we were sitting alone in her living room.  This was in the late '80's when people hung foil fold-out stars and lanterns from the ceiling.  The windows were closed because it was cold outside, so there was no draft in the room, yet, one-by-one the stars began to spin. One would spin, and then stop.  Then another would spin - and stop. Until eventually all of the stars were spinning slowly as they hung from the ceiling.  We knew it was her father letting us know that he was there with us.

Another example of this is when my aunt passed away.  I was ten years old. It was spring time and I was sitting on the veranda of my grandmother's house. I saw my aunt on the other side of the street. She was approaching a building, which at the time was primarily housed by Asian people. I stood up ... and in that moment she turned to look at me, and then reached out for the handle of the front door, opened it and went inside.  I jumped the four steps from he front porch and ran across the street.  I wrapped my fingers around the black iron door handle and tried to pull it open.  The door was locked.  The door was always locked.

Angels present themselves to us in many different ways. I cannot tell you how many times people who have passed on, have come to me in my dreams. My father who died six months ago visits my dreams all the time.  He speaks to me, or to others where I overhear the conversations. His voice is so clear. And when I awake I can feel that he was here.

For people who are receptive to receiving the signs, you will see them everywhere - if you look. If your heart is open to them.  Not only in dreams, or sightings, but in many different ways. I believe that they know exactly how to reach us and it is different for each person.  For each connection. They are personalized messages especially sent to us. We just have to know how to read them.

Some of the more common signs that most people are receptive to seeing are:


Finding a white fluffy feather, that which would not be found on a bird, that seems to fall right onto your path are believed to be that of an angel.


I'm not talking about finding a quarter down the side of your couch.  But rather stories of people who find coins - usually dimes, everywhere they go.  Coins just seem to appear in the most odd places. There are many stories of people who are grieving a loved one and go into a bathroom and find a dime on the floor.  Or walking down the street and suddenly trip, then look down and the only thing in the path is a dime.  Angels are said to toss coins into our paths as a sign of support in finance, emotions, spirit and physical being. The denomination of the coin is not important, but your angel will usually stick to one. If it is dimes for you - then you will not find that it will suddenly become pennies or nickles.

Rainbows and Butterflies

Rainbows are a widely recognized sign of prosperity and the promised land. Therefore thought to be signs from angels. Have you ever seen a rainbow in an unlikely place? Like on your ceiling? Or counter top? Unlikely places indeed... but remember, angels do not make mistakes. Signs are intentional and meant to be seen. Rainbows and butterflies are regarded as a sign that your loved one is letting you know that they are well. That they are peaceful. That they are with you.

For me, personally, whenever I see a butterfly, I think of my grandmother. I don't know why - certainly I have many loved ones who have passed on.  But my spirit recognizes that butterflies are a sign from my grandmother.


Many people believe that clouds hold pictures especially placed there for them. They hold calling cards from loved ones. People will often see hearts, or feathers, facial images in the clouds and for them, these images are angelic calling cards left especially for them.


Unexplained sources of light are widely considered to be that of an angel gaining your attention. A beam of light in the sky as an angel whizzes overhead, or a warm glow in a room - with no obvious source could be that of the illumination of an angel letting you know that you are not alone.


Have you ever felt a touch, said to be that of the brush of an angel's wing, against your cheek or arm? A sudden chill in a room. A sudden draft. Or the feeling of something passing through you. Suddenly a room you are in is filled with the aroma of flowers or musk or grilled cheese sandwiches - a scent that will be signiciant to you. If you've ever had the feeling that you are not alone, that is because you aren't. You are surrounded by angels and they accompany your every step in your life's journey.

Whether you've had a sighting, or felt the brush of an angel's wing against your cheek, been followed by a butterfly or have seen flashes of light, found coins or feathers in your path, heard music or had visitors in your dreams, seen patterns in the snow or heart-shaped leaves; know that these are messages sent especially for you. For you to know that your loved ones are near. That you are always under their guidance, protection and that their love surrounds you.  And if you are ever feeling as though you are alone, or that you need to see a sign .... ask ... angels want you to know they are with you and they will deliver signs and messages to you ... just let your heart be open to receiving them.