Friday, January 11, 2013

You Are What You Think

Have you ever stood in an empty room and spoke - then listened for the echo as your words reverberated throughout the room? When you speak into a hollow space - the vibration of your voice is sent across the room until it hits a solid - such as a wall, then is returned to you, presenting itself as an echo.  The very sound frequency you sent out, returns to you.

This is not exclusive to the frequency of sound or even light, but also the energy within our selves. You can feel energy all around you.  When you are in the country you feel a different energy then when you standing in the center of a mighty metropolis.  This is not only represented by the cars whizzing past you, but rather the collective energy of the mass amount of people surrounding you.  Have you ever noticed the change of energy when you are in a crowded mall, vs. the energy in a crowded elevator?

Those who are sensitive to energy sources are able to distinguish between the two scenarios.  It can be subtle but often times you will note that in the crowded elevator the energy is at a lower frequency.  The elevator may be moving - but the people are still ... and if the elevator is crowded then often times the people in it will become irritated or annoyed, thus the rippling effect of the energy will radiate onto everyone in that same elevator.

Have you ever walked into a room where the people are having a heavy conversation, or an argument.  How many times have you heard the saying "You could cut the energy with a knife."  A heavy energy is vibrating on a low frequency ... collective energy from a group of people functioning on the same frequency can change the dynamic of the entire space and someone who enters that space will instantly feel or sense the weight of the vibrations.

On the other side of the spectrum, if you walk into a party, or a wedding, a maternity ward when a family member has just given birth ... any celebratory setting, the energy is very high - light.  The energy floats like a balloon.  You are inevitably going to feel your own energy shift when you walk into such a setting.

One of the first things you learn when you are working a call center is how to 'work' the person on the line .. if you get a call where the customer is presenting a dark or heavy energy because they may be upset by the service or product ... the call center rep will appease the customer, rather than meeting the energy presented to them, a gifted rep will be able to actually shift the energy of the call in a few short words.  Thus making the situation more productive and often times resulting in an apology from the person who called while in a hostile state.

I'm sure you have heard the term Energy Vampire.  These are your friends - the Debbie Downers who are always angry. Always upset. They thrive on drama and as we all know misery loves company.  So what do they do? They call you up and complain, and complain, and complain some more.  By the time you get off of the phone you feel drained. Depleted.  In desperate need of a nap.  These people are drainers of our energy - the Energy Vampires, whom we need to avoid at all cost!

Because we are a collective - energy is very easily passed from one to the other, and subsequently taken from one by another.  Imagine however if as a collective we changed our energy - what would that be like?

The first thing we need to do is stop praying for what we do not want.  Sounds silly doesn't it?  Yet, often this is exactly what many of us do.  "Oh God please don't let me gain weight before the wedding"  And what happens?  Yup - you are 5lbs heavier on the big day.  "I am never going to find a good man!"  Well, you are right.  With the energy you put out there - you probably never will. And if by chance you do - he will undoubtedly be omitting the very energy you used when you found him. Like attracts Like.

"Whether you think you can, or think you can't - either way you are right." - Henry Ford

I love this quote and it pretty much sums it up.  In order to change the results, we have to change the frequency of our energy.  Quite simply put - what we put out there is what we will get back.  If you think negatively - negativity will come to you.  On the other hand, if you use positive prayer, positive mantra, positive meditation ... positive energy ... then a more positive energy will echo back to you.

Now, I know what you are thinking ... life is not easy, the world is a crazy place and it is impossible not to every again have negative thoughts.  Difficult to omit all negative energy.  And unfortunately this is true for the masses.  We cannot control the energy of the collective.  Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing if we could?  The reality is that we can only control our own energy.  And sometimes we encounter people or situations that just suck.  And we find that our energy frequency begins to drop.  We are human and should not focus on that with counter-productive worry or self down-talk.

Make a mental note to catch yourself ... when you find a negative thought coming into your mind - your mental space - your energy field ... immediately replace it with a positive though - positive energy.  Lighten and lift the frequency.

Rather than praying for what you don't want - pray for what you do want.  Focus on what you do want. "I am going to be a beautiful bride."  Because in reality, regardless of the number on the tag on that dress - you are going to be radiant.  "I am going to find a good man!"  And you will be met by a man surrounded by the same energy you are omitting.  Like attracts Like.  This is not only true for misery and it's company ... but also for the higher vibrations and those attracted to it.

The room doesn't care what sound you make, if you are yelling - crying - laughing - singing ... the vibration is returned to you.  This is true in life.  At the end of the day - your destiny is in your hands ... so lift them up .. raise the frequency, lighten the vibration.

Remember the good news is that ultimately you control your energy and you are in charge of the frequency you vibrate on!

After all, You are what you Think!