Saturday, January 19, 2013

Prosecuting Casey Anthony

- A Florida prosecutor builds a case against accused murderer Casey Anthony, who was acquitted for the murder of her daughter.

For two hours this evening I napped during the movie of Casey Anthony. Hands down one of the top-ten worst movies I have ever seen!!

The two hour movie began at 8PM ... it had dragged on for so long that by the time it was over, I was convinced that it was April!!

This snore-fest glossed over the highlights of the murder trial, only succeeding to reignite my anger for Casey Anthony and the injustice system.  By the time it was all said and done; not only was I was robbed of two hours of my life while being subjected to some of the worst acting I've ever seen - I was left with a pounding headache from the monotonous droning on of the choppy story line!

I highly - strongly - suggest .... no .... I insist that you do not watch this movie.  Run away!!!

Because there is no zero rating in my rating system (I must make a mental note to re-think my rating system.) I am forced to give this atrocity one bag of popcorn.  (I hope the popcorn is burnt!)