Sunday, January 13, 2013

One Year In The New Place

One year ago today I was sitting in my old place, surrounded by boxes! Is there anyone who loves a move? Well - the new place is great - but the actual packing, moving, unpacking of the stuff can only best be described as mental torture!  In fact, I honestly do not know which I dislike worse - packing or unpacking.  I suppose if I had to pick, it would be the packing - because with that comes the throwing away of all the stuff you didn't even realize you were holding on to in the first place. At least with the unpacking you get to decorate - and set stuff up and make the place look pretty.  I like that! lol

With all of that said, would you believe that I still have boxes in my walk-in closet that are yet to be unpacked? Ok - don't judge me! You see .... I still need to replace the bookshelves, which will house all of my books and knickknacks.  And ... well ... I haven't bought them yet. What can I say - life happened.  My TV died - had to replace that.  My computer died - had to replace that. And I really haven't found a set that I like. But it is on the list for this year! lol

All in all I do have to say that even though the actual move was stressful - aren't they always? I have been very happy in my new home.

And as you can see, my pets have adjusted quite well to their new surroundings. Exampled by Zoe who is pictured above, surveying the goings on from her spot on the back of my sofa as she takes in the rays of sunshine on a beautiful summer day.

The truth is, my new area is perfect for me. Almost as though this building was placed here with me in mind. Banking, shopping, and everything I could ever need is a stones-throw away.  Including family.  I have not been able to walk to a member of my family's home in decades.  It's pretty fabulous I gotta say!

The one thing that will make the entire picture complete is when my daughter gets her new place in this area. Then everyone I care about and everything I need will be accessible to me!

Time is a funny thing.  As I think about having moved here a year ago tomorrow - part of me says: "Has it been a year already?!?!"  And another part of my says: "Has it ONLY been a year?!?!" Sometimes it feels like I just got here, and sometimes it feels like I've always been here.  That of course may be due to the fact that I grew up a few short blocks from where I am now.  So there is the familiarity of the neighborhood.  Although a lot has changed!

Actually, the truth is that this is the first time I have lived on my own - by myself. I moved out on my own after my daughter was born - 6 days old in fact. And even though she moved out a year or so before my move - the place really wasn't ''mine" because her room was there. It was my place yes - but not the same as living on my own - in my own place. (Hope that makes sense.) I do remember how hard it was when my daughter moved out. She left with the truck and her stuff and I was literally shaking! Felt my arms suddenly empty. Like I didn't know what to do next!! It was actually quite surreal.

I had gone from being my mother's daughter - to being my daughter's mother.  Never really had the chance to find out who "Laura" is.  And I have to say that I am loving the journey of self-discovery! It is new. It is exciting. I am happy where I am.  Happy with my life.  And I look forward to only good things, and continued list of firsts in year two!!

I guess it is true what they say; that 45 is the new 25! And I look forward to my 25th birthday (the sequel) this summer!