Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year - New Testing

December marked the 1 year anniversary of my remission from colon cancer and potentially the 4th anniversary of my soft tissue cancer.  I say potentially because I have not had my annual check-up yet.  I am actually going this Tuesday and like each year, I am very nervous!  I believe that I am okay - but you really are never at ease until you hear it from the doctor's mouth.

Making the stress that much more intense ... I have heard from Mt. Sinai hospital after the referral from Princess Margaret and will be going in February to continue the genetic testing. As the BRCA2 and P53 were negative, the genetic doctors now want to find out why I have had colon cancer so young, in addition to the DFSP.  I will be signing release forms for samples of the malignant tissues from the polyps and the tumor to be sent to Mt. Sinai for further pathology testing.

I know that I have to believe that everything will be okay.  And I do believe it.  But it is still scary.  I wish I could talk to my dad. Cancer having taken him away only 5 short months ago makes it that much harder to face everything I have had to since his passing.

I dream of a day when I no longer need to spend every day worrying about cancer in my life.

I am so sick of the doctors.  So sick of the tests.  The biopsies. The poking and prodding. The hospitals. The waiting.

But I am thankful that my two cancers are in remission and that thus far the genetic testing has been negative, and so I take a slow and deep breath inward and pray for continued blessings.