Saturday, January 5, 2013


Have you ever known someone who quit smoking? Started a new job? Found God? Lost weight? Started a health regime?  ... And suddenly they are an all-knowing expert on how you should be living your life?

I wonder why that is.  What is it about human nature that once we accomplish something, we feel the need to convert everyone else, often by way of lecture, to the point of nauseam. Some of us take it a step further - to the point of judging the person for doing exactly what you yourself have just stopped doing.  Don't we all know someone like this?

That person who has become reformed - reborn ... and suddenly feels the need to 'fix' your life. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about personal growth.  I am all about self-betterment. Evolving.  In fact if you are not growing - you die.  And I absolutely do tip my hat to those who have made personal accomplishments in their own lives.  Whether you have quit smoking, drinking, lost weight, found the perfect relationship, the perfect job, your first job, whatever the accomplishment is. That said, how many people do you know who have started smoking again? Gained their weight back? Caught that perfect guy cheating? Fell off of the path to righteousness?

I suppose what I am saying is as the saying goes; "Be careful who you step on on your way up the ladder because they will be the same people you pass on the way back down."  And as we all know - what goes up .... will eventually come back down again.

In the meantime, while you were flying high on your grandiose magic carpet ... looking down your nose upon those who have not yet reached the divinity you enjoy ... you are failing to realize that you are in fact alienating everyone around you.

Perhaps the intentions are good? Perhaps you are only wanting to lift those around you to your new level.  It is after all lonely at the top. Perhaps you do not realize how you are potentially coming off.  Perhaps you have yet to learn the subtle difference between a gentle suggestive nudge vs. a club over the head with the cast iron frying pan.

What we must remember is that there is indeed a thin line between encouragement and belittlement.

In other words .... "Don't judge me because I sin differently than you do."