Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crossed Over

- A woman grieving her son's death befriends Texas death-row inmate Karla Faye Tucker.. Based on the true story of the pickaxe killer.

I was immediately drawn to this movie for two reasons. (1) I absolutely adore Diane Keaton, and (2) I really love movies based on true stories.

So this was a natural hit - right?  Yes! Yes! YES!!

I have to say the storyline of this movie was engaging and kept me interested the entire time.  It also carried me through a variety of emotions, and surprisingly most of them were for the character you would least expect.

This movie was an absolute pleasure to watch.  And considering many of the movies I've watched lately were best described as mindless - I felt as though this gem was a reward for all of the hours lost in the movie graveyard!

I highly recommend this movie and would give it 4.5 boxes of popcorn - but as you know by now, we operate in whole numbers - so I will round up and give it a 5 as it takes its place in my permanent collection!