Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Fragrance Of Forgiveness

"As we approach the end of this year, it's a beautiful time to spread a blanket of forgiveness across every moment of your life. Release yourself from any judgements you may have placed on yourself about anything at all. It's a time of amnesty and being washed clean by the Divine light so that we may all stand at the doorstep of 2013 in the vibrant new possibilities for our lives and for the world."
I love this. In fact, I love everything about this.  What a fabulous concept, and wouldn't the world as a whole, be a much better place if we earthlings would all embrace this gesture.  The funny thing is that many people will say that they cannot, will not, should not forgive 'that person'.  That 's/he' does not deserve forgiveness.  But what many fail to realize is that when we forgive, it is not for 'that person' but for ourselves.  It is your own heart, soul, mind, life that becomes freed by letting go of negative or hostile feelings about an action, person or event from the past.  And yes, if it happened already - it is the past. 

I have done this in small individual doses.  One event - one person at a time.  Forgiven them ... and also myself - thus freeing myself.  But I love the idea of giving blanket forgiveness at one time. Just ridding negative feelings from my spirit all in one shot! 
Being able to embrace total freedom as I stand at the threshold of 2013.  Knowing that I carry with me no baggage from years past.  A blank slate.  A new beginning.  A rebirth.
In fact, I think that will be my word!
Two years ago I decided that I would no longer subscribe to New Year's resolutions.  That list of promises we make to ourselves every January 1st - only to have them all broken by the 7th.  Thus accomplishing nothing.
My first word - for 2011 was Balance ... balance in my life, keeping myself centered - in all areas of my life.  For 2012 my word was Health - again, in all areas of my life ... physical, emotional, spiritual.  I think that keeping along the same train of thought in the betterment of me, is the way to go for 2013, so my word will be Forgiveness. 
One thing I know for sure is that even when I move into the New Year, cleaned, refreshed, free of negative and toxic feelings .... it will take about a week for someone to piss me off!  So, rather than harping on the event, and harboring ill feelings about 'whatever'.  I will attempt to acknowledge and accept 'whatever' and let it go. 
Keep in mind that acceptance of an event is not to say that you agree with whatever took place, but that you accept the fact that it happened.  Then if it serves no benefit or positive purpose in your life - release it.  Let me just point out that this does not mean you should be a doormat - just because you release the feelings about a person or action .... does not mean that you have to keep that person and their negativity in your life.  Choose what and who you want in your space.  Choose the energy you accept in your space.
So, with all of that said.  To anyone who ever affected me in a negative way.  Anyone who chose to carry toxic energy into my space.  Whether a lie, betrayal, unkind words ... I forgive you.  And beyond that... I wish you well in 2013.
As for 2012 and years that came before it, and all that took place during those past years of my life, I forgive myself.  I forgive myself for any negative or unkindness I may have felt towards those who have wronged me.  I forgive myself for holding on to negative feelings, thus harming my own self in the long run.  I forgive and free myself from the chains of the past that had weighed me down over the course of my life. 
Let me close with one of my favorite quotes;
"Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet leaves on the heel that crushes it."  ~ Mark Twain