Thursday, December 27, 2012

Numerology Prediction For 2013

Well here we are! The world did not end December 21st 2012, so let's see what 2012 holds. First things first, 2012 will prove to be a special year indeed.  If you are usually a selfish person then expect to be drawn to the spirit of giving. Your kindness will overpower your me, me, me side and you will want to share with others. It does not matter if it is your money, love, time or advice, you will offer it openly without any expectations to receive much or possibly anything in return, and as a matter of fact you will feel quite pleased with yourself and your generosity.
In general individuals will reach out and help others in a rut. They may not be required to do a whole lot, yet just a little help will go long way, and it will greatly benefit those who needed the helping hand.

2013 can be viewed like this; One can choose to be the iron that fuses the chain or be the weak link that breaks it. Well this year most of us will choose to express strength opposed to weakness and forge ahead knowing we tried our best instead of wondering why we did not try harder.

Overindulgence will cause unwanted results so be watchful of gluttony, including food, drink and simple pleasures that manifest temporary contentment but cause more issues in the long run.    

This will also be a year of learning so be prepared to gain loads of knowledge about little bits of this and that. In the midst of learning you may be taught a few life lessons that might not feel so good at first, but as long as you exercise an understanding character as opposed to an opinionated personality, then you will gain wisdom from each lesson.

No matter what year it is life will always have unexpected heavy burdens. When we are hampered by people, places and things that throw high expectations at us, at times our first instinct may be to pull back and demonstrate an unwillingness to cooperate. In 2013 that mindset will not root itself in the wisest among us. The keen will recognize the huge rewards that this year will have to offer and they will opt to plant the seed of determination and not frustration.

So if you want to benefit throughout 2013 and experience smooth sailing, even during the roughest tide, you would be smart to express gentleness, self-control, unwavering fortitude and of course a little humour, because if all else fails at least you can laugh at your efforts in 2014 when… Well that’s another year let’s focus on this year for now! Happy Twenty-Thirteen.