Friday, December 7, 2012

NHL Lockout

Today is day 83 of the NHL lockout.  Players and Owners still 'negotiating' and apparently never further apart.  After agreeing that proceeds should be a 50/50 split, the Owners want a ten year contract - the Players want 5 years.

What it all boils down to is the almighty buck, and puts me in mind of a quote I had heard in the first two weeks of the lockout.

"Billionaires and Millionaires fighting over our money"  - A Fan.

That about sums it up doesn't it?

So... nearly three months later, hockey lovers are still at a loss.  They are the ones truly suffering in all of this and yet, they are unwittingly the ones with all of the power.  Just where exactly do the proceeds being fought over come from?  YOU.  The fans!

Perhaps if the fans banned together and decided that when the Owners and Players get their stuff together - that nobody cares anymore?  I wonder what would happen then?  Perhaps ticket prices would drop?  Perhaps you would not be spending $150 for a jersey?  Perhaps a bit more respect would be given to the source of the money they are arguing over?  Hmmmmm ....

Although I highly doubt this would happen, I mean lets face it... the second the puck drops - there will be painted fans - with hotdog in hand - sitting in their $100 seat - cheering on their team. However, after seeing today's poll on I am slightly more encouraged that perhaps - just possibly - common sense will prevail after all.