Monday, December 10, 2012

Actions and Consequences

I have been doing a lot of thinking about The Prank Call Heard Round The World ....

For those who have been living under a rock this past week .... let me recap. Prince William and Princess Catherine announced that they were expecting their first child.  The world rejoiced in the blessed news.  Unfortunately Kate, like most women, was experiencing morning sickness ... unlike most women, she was hospitalized as a result.

Flash forward to a pair of Australian radio Disc Jockeys who decided to do a prank phone call to King Edward VII hospital where the Duchess was being treated for hpyermesis gravidarum - extreme morning sickness  requiring replacement hydration and nutrients.

The Disc Jockeys, portraying the Queen and Prince Charles - with dreadful British accents, indeed made the call to the hospital in attempts of obtaining information about the Duchess. The call was answered by a nurse covering for the switchboard, believing the DJ's were indeed the Queen and the Prince, she patched the call through to the nurse caring for Princess Catherine, where upon personal information was given by the second nurse .... recorded for the world to hear.

Needless to say, the Palace was furious.  And I believe that although many were shocked that the call actually went through - given the ridiculous accents ... I'd say the entire event was regarded as a giant coo for the radio station.

Two days later, the world was stuck in disbelief  - collectively gutted, as the tragic news came down that the first nurse who originally answered the call, had been found dead and thought to have committed suicide.  Leaving behind a son and a daughter. How heavy her heart and head must have been to take such drastic actions. I can only imagine the guilt and shame she must have felt. How heavy her soul must have been to end her own life.

I need to make a confession, that when I heard the news of the nurse's death, I was furious with the DJ's.  I judged them.  And along with the majority of the world - I blamed them for her death.  I prayed to God that He would help me to disconnect - to not pass judgment. To know that only He can judge them.

It was very hard.

The two days following, I, along with the rest of the world learned that the DJ's had suspended their show, the radio station had to shut down their Facebook account due to the overwhelming amount of negative postings on the page.  That the DJ's had to shut down their Twitter accounts due to the death threats.

I believed it was well deserved.

Today I watched the interview of the DJ's ... I listened to them.  And I admit that they have good and valid points about prank calls being made by radio stations in every country around the world - since forever.  I truly believe that they, too, were devastated by the news of the nurse's death.

Although I do believe they are culpable. And I do believe that actions have consequences - even if they are not  foreseen.  I have to say that I do believe that the intent of the call was not malicious.  I do believe that things spun horribly out of control. I do believe they are regretful of the tragedy, which resulted from their harmless call.  And I do feel sorry for them.

I am thankful to God for showing me another side to this horrible, terrible, tragic series of events.  For showing me how to shift my shock and anger to compassion and understanding.  And I do know that the friends and family of Jacintha Saldanha need an abundance of love and support during these next weeks, months and years ahead.  And that nothing will ease their pain in loss of their beloved Jacintha.  I also recognize that the lives of the DJ's will forever be altered and no matter what law suits may follow ... or how much backlash they endure .... I truly believe there can be no greater punishment given, than the weight of the events of that day, which will reside forever on their souls.