Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The Twelfth Day, of the Twelfth Month, of the Twelfth Year.

I thought of how to mark this day.  I read up on Numerology and the various meaning of the number 12.  I read up on the Biblical meanings for the number 12.  Historians.  Symbolism.  And in the end I thought; why muddy up the beauty of the day?

I decided to just mark it for what it is.  A once in a lifetime event.  Well, once in our lifetime is perhaps more accurate.  In truth, the date happens once every hundred years.  And considering I am already 44 ... it is a safe bet that I won't be here for the next one!!

So ... I think we should mark this day in acknowledgement of its uniqueness by being good to one another.  Loving one another.  Being kind to one another.  Being loving and kind to Mother Earth,  and most of all to our selves.

Let us not forget to give thanks for God's grace in allowing us to witness this 'once in a lifetime' day.

On that note,,, when the clock hits 12:12:12 - 12.12.12 ... I don't think it would hurt to say a special prayer, make a wish, maybe even buy a lottery ticket!

Mark the day in a special and memorable way!!