Friday, November 2, 2012

Welcome New Friends!

I have recently been posting the link to this blog on sharing sites and groups.  And due to the increase of recent traffic, I thought it was time to officially welcome new readers - new friends!

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Laura, and Enchanted Essence is my home.  Well, my home is really in Toronto, Canada, but EE is my home away from home here in the online world.

I am a single mom in my mid 40's, and through this venue I strive to share my thoughts, opinions, life journeys, recipes, tips & tricks, spiritual growth, celebrations ... and so much more!

I have always loved to write.  As a young girl I would keep daily journals, write poetry and short stories. And have always wanted to write a book.  Honestly,  I really feel that one day I will have a book published ... I'm just not quite sure what that book is yet!  But I do know it is in there somewhere!! lol

So in the meantime, here I am ... combining the best of two worlds.  I get to write, and I get to share my little corner of the world with all of you!

With all of that said;  WELCOME New Friends, to ENCHANTED ESSENCE!!  

I hope you find something here to interest you, and that you will visit often!

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