Sunday, November 25, 2012

Support Animal Life

Those who know me, know how passionate I am about animals.  All animals. Both, domestic and wildlife.  I have always said that when I will the lottery, I would have as many animals on my property as the law would allow.  And although, like the masses, I am a sucker for the cute face of a kitten or puppy - we all know that they are the first to be rescued.  I would want to adopt the 3-legged dog, or the blind cat.  The animal who requires daily medications.  The high-maintenance animals that are often over-looked.

I have had pets my entire life.  Starting with hamsters and gerbils, and even hermit crabs!  Which, by the way, make amazing aquarium pets!   Once I moved out on my own - my home was always open to the pitter-patter of paws.  All adopted or rescued.  5 cats, a dog, and even a bunny.

Pets are not only as the law would suggest - property ... they are members of the family.  They are living, breathing creatures with a beating heart, feelings and intelligence.  Often times greater than that of most humans I have been in contact with.

So, when I saw this poster in the Namaste Cafe FB Group ... I simply HAD to share it with you, in great hopes that it would inspire you to make a move towards welcoming an animal into your family.

With that said, know that they are not goldfish.  Most animals require interaction ... certainly dogs, cats, rabbits, and the like.  So, know yourself.  IF you are a person who is rarely at home.  Or if you just do not have the time or patience to give an animal the love and attention they need.  DO NOT BRING ONE HOME. You are not doing it any favors.  Instead, donate to your local shelter.  Money, food, blankets, animal-safe toys ... and your time is always appreciated!  And more importantly, it is desperately needed!