Thursday, November 1, 2012


MOVEMBER is  upon us.  The month were men everywhere register their clean shaven faces for November 1st and then grow their mustaches for the entire month of November to promote Awareness for Prostate Cancer.

As most of you now know, my father passed away of Prostate Cancer  nearly three months ago.

To my male friends ... please, Please, PLEASE get yourselves checked!!!  And do so regularly - annually!!

I saw first hand what prostate cancer can do to a vibrant life.  Your loved ones need you here and TRUST me, cancer is NO WAY to go!!

So .....  Shave off the facial hair ....
then register at MOVEMBER CANADA and let the growth begin.

Be sure to check and follow the rules!!  Yes there are rules!!

And here they are!!!

I expect to see all of my male friends with furry faces this month!!!

Now .... Go and REGISTER!!!