Thursday, November 22, 2012

Marty The Horse - Of Course, Of Course!

With the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto this Sunday, and the host team; The Toronto Argonauts in the game, playing against the Calgary Stampeders - the T-Dot is alive with Grey Cup Fever!!

Everywhere you look there are cowboy hats, red jerseys and oh yes, even Marty the horse, who is representing on behalf of the official mascot "Quick-Six".

15 year old Marty arrives at Toronto's Royal York Hotel, accompanied by the Calgary Stampeders' cheerleaders, handlers and even the Calgary Stampede Queen and Princesses.   With hopes of taking a traditional lap through the lobby of the Royal York Hotel as historically started in 1948.

Marty was met by hotel management, and the head chef who prepared a healthy snack consisting of Ontario grown apples and carrots.  As Marty chowed down, and the crowds grew, it was made clear that the tradition would end at the Royal York's own red carpet, which was specially rolled out for the esteemed guest. However, Marty would not be welcomed inside of the hotel, with staff saying that it was in the interest of the safety of the staff, guests and Marty himself.

Despite the throngs of people pouring onto the street in front of the hotel, chanting; "Let Him IN!"  the staff locked the doors and would not allow Marty to check into the hotel.

After about 30 minutes, Marty and his entourage posed for a picture in front of the Royal York sign before heading off on a tour of Toronto and answering to the many invitations for Marty to visit other establishments of the city.

Marty seen above, entering the lobby of the First Canadian Place located in the heart of the Financial District of Downtown Toronto.  Staff and shoppers whipping out the cameras to capture the historical moment in time.  All involved adoring Marty in his glory - hoping that he would not be making a 'deposit' while visiting the BMO (Bank of Montreal)

Indeed no deposit was made, however, Marty did open a checking account at BMO and enjoyed a snack while awaiting the paperwork to be completed!

Following his visit at First Canadian Place, Marty made his way to a couple of Irish pubs on the Queens Quay and is presumed to be taking the Holiday Inn up on an invitation to visit their lobby as an alternative to the failed attempt to take over the Royal York's lobby.

In the meantime, Marty has also visited CP24 (Toronto's Breaking News Channel) and took an elevator up in the building to the E-Talk Studios!!

Reports say that the Royal York have indeed set up 24-hour security surveillance, because, rumour has it that Marty and his entourage will be returning at some point...


On a personal note, I have to say that I feel The Royal York should have been better sports about the whole thing.

Marty has displayed exemplary behavior and a very docile demeanor throughout the entire day.  Surrounded by crowds of people .... being patted by strangers ... having pictures taken .... flashes going off.... being offered, and accepting carrots and apples upon his various visits.  Seems to me that the unfortunate decision to turn Marty away can only reflect poorly on the Royal York Hotel.


With all of that said .....