Saturday, November 10, 2012

Left To Die: The Tammi Chase Story

- A woman travelling to Ecuador ends up being wrongly imprisoned for drug trafficking. Starring Barbara Hershey.

This made for TV movie based upon real life events is quite riveting and gut wrenching.  My eyes were stuck to the TV for the entire length of the movie!

The feel of the movie is very 'Not Without My Daughter' ... you just cannot believe that things like this happen in today's world.  The sad, sad reality is that they do happen!!

The blurb at the end of the movie reads:

Sandra Chase was wrongfully imprisoned for 22 months.  The efforts of Tammi Chase and Representative Corrine Brown and her team to free Sandra raised awareness of the human rights violations of prisoners held in Ecuadorian jails without trial or due process.

At the time of Sandra's release, significant steps were taken by the Ecuadorian government that resulted in the release of over 800 such prisoners.


I can say that I will definitely be watching this movie again and highly recommend it!

I am giving this movie 4 bags of Popcorn!