Monday, November 5, 2012


As I am sure many of you have noticed, Enchanted Essence is continually undergoing changes and upgrades in hopes of better enhancing your experience during your visits.  I am constantly thinking of things to add to this blog - little tidbits - how to's - movie ratings - and of course, Laura's Kitchen.  The next phase of growth as Enchanted Essence nears it's third birthday (December 21st), is to add scopes.  Who doesn't love to read their horoscopes - right? Even if you don't admit it aloud!!  We all know it is a guilty pleasure for many. lol  Personally, I am all about scopes and readings ... etc.

So, because I am all about family - I thought that if I would begin to offer weekly scopes - and wanting them to be authentic and not just pasted form the local paper - I knew immediately where to go!  My beautiful cousin Cerise, who is a successful spiritual life coach - and so much more! In addition to the many workshops and coaching sessions and live appearances she does on Radio and TV, Cerise also writes scopes for several publications here in Toronto.

So, beginning Monday, November 12th/12, Enchanted Essence & Cerise will be providing weekly scopes for you!!

In the meantime, please take a moment to read Cerise's bio and feel encouraged to visit her site for personal readings, workshops, and don't forget to visit her custom jewelry shoppe!!

Cerise is an Intuitive Personal Life Coach. From Newspapers to Radio to TV and the internet, Cerise has shared her insight, guidance and wisdom with folks all over and all walks of life. Everyone needs a little guidance or advice sometime in their life, however, some of us don't know who to trust, who will listen to us, or who will even understand us. Give Cerise a try. You will find her unconventional way of therapy, comfortable and refreshing. And now with the introduction of Virtual Life Coaching Cerise now offers her coaching VIA internet as well as phone. Clients are quickly embracing the flexibility and power that Virtual Life Coaching offers with the on-the-go approach. Email, Facebook, twitter, or call for your private one-2-one session. All sessions are completely confidential. To contact her call (416) 722-(JADE) 5233,

Be sure to check your scopes starting next Monday!!

God Bless!!