Monday, November 5, 2012

First Christmas Lights

It's a dark, cold November night.  Bentley and I are out for a walk.  The same walk we do every night.  I can see my own breath.  Why didn't I wear my gloves??  Bentley is routing around in the dried leaves - I can hear the crunching beneath his paws.  Something about piles of leaves, mounds of snow and puddles that attract him - much like the way a young child is attracted to them.  I pause and let him do his thing as I look around ... the trees are nearly naked of leaves.  The streets are quiet.   I look up at the side of my building, way up - way, way up at the top floor there are bright colors illuminating against the darkness of night.

Six outlines of trees all lit up!!  Multicolored twinkling lights shining down for me to see!  (Because of course they were put there especially for me!)

I actually felt myself blink and then become very happy as the spirit of the season began to wash over me.

I had just seen the first lights!!


Instantly I begin to think of putting up my own tree and decorating the apartment.  My first Christmas in my new place!!

I cannot wait!!