Thursday, November 8, 2012

Christmas Tree 2012


Right about now you are wondering if I have lost my mind - right?  The answer is - quite possibly!

Since the other night when I saw the first Christmas lights - I caught the bug!  The Christmas bug.  And ...well... it was over!!  I was gone!!!

When my daughter was growing up, I would wait until the Santa Clause parade in mid November, and we would watch the parade as we decorated the tree.  Well...  the truth of the matter is that it was not really for her .... although it was memory making moments in her life.  BUT - I absolutely adore the Christmas season. I love the spirit.  Celebrating the birth of Christ of course.  But I also enjoy the Christmas Carols, Decorating the Tree, The Lights!!

I remember as a child - before my sisters were born, my mom and I would walk around and look at the decorated houses.  Oh how I treasure those memories.  I absolutely love, Love, LOVE looking at homes all made up for the holidays!!!

I remember last Christmas, speaking to my 8 y/o nephew on the phone - my sister had just decorated their home and he was so excited.  I told him when he looks at the tree - to squint his eyes ... and all of the lights would turn into stars.  Well.  Sure enough he did just that.  And he called me.  "Aunt Laura!!!"  He was super excited!!! "I squinted my eyes - and it worked!!! The lights turned into stars!!!"

It was such a special memory.  How I love him. How I wish I could make more memories with him.  I can only pray that when his mom puts up their tree this year - he will remember our conversations and remember to squint his eyes and turn the lights into stars.

Well ... as you can see by the photos, I have put up my tree this evening.  I am excited because this will be my first Christmas in my new home.  I moved in to this apartment in January.  So, I am really looking forward to decorating.  The tree is done - save for the candy canes.  The second picture shows a closer view of the beautiful angel topper, which my daughter bought for me last year.

Last Christmas one of my cats knocked down my tree - the angel broke, along with many ornaments.  I was crushed.  Devastated!!  See, every ornament on my tree is there with purpose.  Each has a story.  Whether it is handed down from my mom, from our tree growing up - in which case, some of them are as old as I am. In fact some are even from my mom's childhood.  Or if they are from my daughter's first Christmas ... or ones we collected through her childhood.  Or ones which were gifted to me.   Regardless of where they came from .... I treasured them!!  And many of them were destroyed!!

My heart broke.  I was near tears as I told my daughter what had happened.  She too was upset, and it was then that I realized that even though the ornaments were and are precious to me ... they were not what counted.   And I told her that they were / are precious ... but they are just things.  We keep our memories in our hearts - not on our tree.  And we will make new memories.

Two days later my daughter showed up at my home.  With a bag carrying some new ornaments.  And a new angel topper!!   My old one was gold. The new one is red.  And I have to say even though I would not have chosen it ... nor would I think that it would 'work'.  I LOVE IT!!!  And would not change a thing!!

So ... I will be making several posts during this upcoming holiday season.  But for now ....

My tree is UP!!

Now to buy candy canes ... and garlands for the around the island ... and hooks .. and... and ... and...

C'ya soon!!