Friday, October 12, 2012

Washington D.C.

Next summer I will be going to the US to visit my two friends!  Though they technically live in Maryland, we will be going to see The White house, The Mall, The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, The Reflecting Pool, and The Pentagon!

I am super excited!!!

Not only because I get to visit my friends who came up to see me last month... BUT - It will be my first time on a plane! YIKES!!!  Those who know me, know how I feel about flying.  So ... that should be interesting. LOL

Perhaps more importantly, I am viewing this a personal health challenge.  Readers of my blog know that as little as a year ago, the strength in my legs had depleted so badly that I was unable to walk for little more than ten minutes at a time.  The Fibromyalgia and Early onset MS was claiming my mobility!!  I have worked like a dog this past year to regain the strength in my legs.  I can now (albeit slowly) get around with more ease.  I have been to the CNE, Woofstock and the CN Tower!  These trips NEVER would have been possible for me a year ago.

Those who have read Every Little Step  on this blog, know that I push myself in dad's name.  Knowing that his legs began to fail him in his battle with cancer.  Every time I felt a pain, I forced myself to push through it ... saying aloud "I am walking for you Dad!".

So, my new goal is to conquer the Lincoln Memorial!  My research says that there are 58 steps from the road .... and 97 steps from the Reflecting Pool.   Mark my words ... I WILL Climb those steps!!!  I should warn you that once I reach the top I may cry ..... I'm not going to lie to you. lol  I think the accomplishment may completely overwhelm me.  But I am bound and determined to do it!

My prayer is that God will grant me the strength and endurance to reach this goal!

If you feel so led, I do ask that you pray for me.  Pray for my legs,,  for strength.

Thank you in advance ..... Stay tuned ....  God Bless!