Friday, October 12, 2012

The Results Are In

I received a call from Princess Margaret Hospital a short while ago.  The remainder of my genetic testing is in.   In July I was tested for the BRCA2 gene, which runs rampant through Dad's side of the family.  My dad was a carrier .... some of the women in the family have had their breasts removed as a result of this horrible disease!  Thankfully I tested negative for the BRCA2 gene!!  Praise God!!!

While I was at the hospital, with my own personal cancer history with DFSP and Colon Cancer, they decided to do a second genetic test for the P53 Mutation.  This test takes three months to come back.

Today is the day!!

My heart stopped as I received the call.  The woman on the phone began to sound like a peanuts cartoon ... her voice became completely garbled to me.    All I heard was "It's Princess Margaret - Familial Oncology..."  and my heart just stopped!!

This is going to be a very, VERY difficult week as I do not get the results until 12:30pm next Friday!!

O-M-G !!!  SERIOUSLY???????????????

I hate waiting for results!  In 2009, the year of biopsies, I did the calculations and with 2 weeks per biopsy waiting for pathology - I spent a total 5 1/2 months JUST WAITING for results!!!

So ...... please PRAY!!

I will post the results once I receive them.

Did I mention; PLEASE PRAY!!??!!

[.....Inhale, Exhale, Inhale, Exhale.....]

I remember when I got the BRCA2 results, I was on the phone with dad giving him the good news.  He was so happy!  I told him that the other ones would not be in until mid October ... I told him that I would let him know as soon as they were in.   I guess the irony is that he knows these results before I will.

How I wish I could call him now....