Sunday, October 14, 2012

Steel Magnolias - 1989 vs. 2012

I think we all are familiar with the 1989 classic Steel Magnolias.  A fabulous movie!   Over the past two weeks, I have seen trailers for the remake of this classic - the 2012 version.  

Normally I am not a fan of remakes.  Lest we all forget the colossal error made by Coca Cola when they decided to make the NEW Coke.   Why do people continue to do this?  If it ain't broke - don't fix it!!!  (With the exception of Vanilla Coke, which I simply adore!! lol)

But I digress,,,,  I had PVR'd the New Steel Magnolias and yesterday I decided to watch it.  I tried to go in with no expectations of measuring against the original.  That said, I did have an expectation that the movie in and of itself should or would be fantastic - just because of the cast.  These are talented actresses and so I was expecting big things!!

Well, one of my favorite expressions; No Expectations, No Disappointments. 

Although I enjoyed the movie - for what it was, I was left feeling short.  Like I was robbed of pieces of the story.  If it was an original movie, I think I would have enjoyed it much more.   But because it was virtually verbatim, it forced me to draw comparisons.  Aside from the 1989 version being 2hrs without commercials, and the 2012 version being 2hrs with commercials,  I felt like I wanted more.

All of that said, I will say that although Julia Roberts was a way better Shelby, I did feel that Queen Latifah portrayed the roll of M'Lynn beautifully.  She touched me in a way Sally Field did not.  When Shelby died, and I watched the pain of Queen Latifah, I FELT it ... and I cried with her.  Her performance gripped me.  

Aside from that, I am afraid that I am going to have to give my vote to the original 1989 version of Steel Magnolias!  

The Original Movie gets 4 Popcorn's!! 

The 2012 Version Gets 2 Popcorn's!!