Monday, October 29, 2012

Popcorn Movie Ratings

I thought that since I do comment from time to time on movies I see, that I would develop a rating system of my own.

Clearly I am not Siskel and Ebert, however, I am a viewer who loves movies ... and so I feel like my opinion counts! lol

My scale will go from 1 - 5 bags.

I bag means the movie sucked! Don't do it! Back away from the theater!!  (F)

2 bags means it was 'okay' but I maybe shouldda had a V8 instead! Or watched a Friends rerun!  (D- to D+)

3 bags means it was average.  Not necessarily spectacular but not horrible.  Something about it captured my attention, and I am not angry about wasting the money to watch it, and I might watch it a 2nd time!  (C- to C+)

4 bags means it was above average and probably in my permanent recorded collection of movies!  I will watch a 4 bag rated movie several times and enjoy it each time!  (B- to A-)

5 bag movies are rare!!  They have to knock my sock off.  Touch me profoundly!  Don't expect to see this rating too often, unless I am watching older movies - like Beaches!!  (A to A+)

Well.  This is my rating system in a nutshell.  I hope you don't put too much stock in it or get offended if I don't like a movie that you love.  Take it all in fun.  Although, I believe I have fairly good taste in movies .... so ... if you find that we seemingly share taste - and I rate a movie as sucking ... you may just be able to save yourself some cash - and time! ;-)