Monday, October 29, 2012

Magic Mike

- The hot headliner at an all-male review, Mike takes a protege to teach him the fine arts of dancing and picking up women.

So, a movie about male dancers, starring Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum .... a no-brainer right??  Sadly, NOT!

I, like many women I'm sure, have been watching the movie trailers and waiting somewhat impatiently for the movie to release.  For me, I had to wait for it to hit Pay Per-View.  Well, it finally came on.  And I paid $6.99+tx to watch it!  I was really, REALLY looking forward to it!!


Sadly, I was beyond disappointed!!   Yes, Channing Tatum is BEAUTIFUL ... but the sad fact is that when he wasn't on stage, I wanted to do laundry!

I found the story line to be stupid.  And I am a bit upset by the letdown.

I am giving this movie 1 bag of Popcorn!  And Matthew McConaughey owes me $7.89!!