Saturday, October 13, 2012

Amanda Todd

This beautiful girl is Amanda Todd ....

..... And THIS is her story ....

I am certain that this video has saddened and disgusted you, as it has me.  

To think of all that this young girl went through in her short life at the hands of BULLIES is just outrageous to me.  Shame on each and every one of you who had a hand in her suffering, and to the ones who stood by and did nothing!!

The creators of a Facebook page called RIP Amanda Todd have created a Forum called "We Are Amanda Todd" for those who are being victimized by bullies today.   

Sadly, tragically and unfortunately we were too late to save Amanda, but we have the power and ability to save other kids going through the same thing!  IF you are being bullied or IF you know someone who is being bullied or IF you have been bullied in your life and can share your story with these kids ... OR IF you would just like to be there for these kids .... to be an ear .... to be the SOMEONE they NEED, you can visit the forum by clicking on the link below.  

Parents; PLEASE teach you children to be sensitive.  Teach them that words HURT.  Teach them that life is oh so precious.  Teach them compassion for others.

Young People;  PLEASE feel compassion for others.  IF you are in school and see the new kid, go and introduce yourself.  IF you see someone not fitting in and being alone, PLEASE go and introduce yourself to them.  PLEASE reach out!!  You would be amazed at the power you have to effect change in someone's life.

And IF you see someone being bullied, whether you are an adult or a teenager or a kid.  STAND UP.  Say something - ANYTHING.  PLEASE DO NOT JUST WATCH AND LET IT HAPPEN!!!!  


Amanda, We know now only a small portion of the hell you lived here on earth.  I pray that you have found the peace in Heaven that you were unable to find during your short time here.  Rest sweet girl .... Rest.