Friday, October 19, 2012

52 Metcalfe Street

I was looking up old pictures and came across this one.  This is a picture of 52 Metcalfe Street in Toronto.  My first home when I moved out on my own.  Metcalfe is a small street in Cabbagetown here in Toronto, and this building was renovated into apartment units.  My apartment was # 109, downstairs.

I moved out on my own after my daughter was born.  One week after to be exact!  If you look closely at the side of the building - the above grade window was my daughter's bedroom window.  The unit was tiny!  They billed it as a Jr. 1bdrm.  In fact it was a bachelor with an alcove - where the crib and dressers were (the room with the window)

It was truly a dump. lol  BUT - it was my very first place!  And I do have many good memories here.  (Many not so great ones too...)

Anyhow .... Just thought I would share this blast from the past.  :)