Thursday, September 27, 2012

Y&R 10,000

Airing yesterday in Canada, and today in the States; the 10,000th episode of The Young and the Restless

My all time favorite show!

The very first episode of Y&R aired on March 26th, 1973.  I started watching in 1978 - at the age of 10!!  And with the exception of the month my daughter was in the hospital - I had never missed a show!

Needless to say, once I got home - I have since Youtube'd the episodes I missed during that month.  I had to find out how Cassy died!!  lol

Yes, I am addicted.  I am not ashamed!!  Y&R is the longest running - and in my humble opinion, the best show EVER!!

So, with that, I just had to mark this occasion.

Happy 10,000th Episode Y&R!!!  

Here's to another 10,000!!!  I WILL be watching!!!