Monday, September 10, 2012

Touching Base

So I really haven't written much here lately.  I have not taken a break from writing - quite the opposite actually!  I have been fulfilling a life-long dream!  Will share more at a later time.  Stay tuned!!

Today has been interesting.  I feel a heavy weight in the pit of my stomach.  On one hand, the summer season is getting ready to wrap up - the weather today is magnificent!  20 degrees ... the warmth of the sun on your face ... cool breezes and skies that could not be more blue!  Truly perfection!

On the other hand - tomorrow is 9-11 ... who could ever forget that day?  Where you were when the towers were hit.  Living through the horrors of that day, and the days and weeks to follow.

Of course, the following day will be one month since my dad passed away.  Not a day I am looking forward to.  I have been thinking of him non-stop since he left this place.  I just wish the healing would start.  Though I am not at all certain that the healing will ever be complete.  How could it - when such a hole is left in my heart??

On another note, I am just back in from running some errands, and I am now off to enjoy the blessing of this day as Bentley and I head out for our walk.

Enjoy your day!