Friday, September 14, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses

Lord knows I have not had an easy life.  I have spent many, many years just going from one trauma to the nest one.  A seemingly endless line of challenges and life altering experiences.  I truly believe that the heartaches we endure in life do change who we are.  I believe each hurt we go through, alters the person we once were.  Almost like an onion.  You begin full, lush.  And with each crisis you survive, you shed a layer.  I wonder what happens when we run out of layers?

I think that happens when we stop counting the blessings we have in our lives.

Faithful readers of my writings know that I grew up without my father - only to find him in time to watch him die, I have battled cancer - twice,  I have lived with Fibromyalgia for about 15 years now,  I also battle with early onset MS,  I am a domestic abuse survivor.  I could go on and on ... I'm sure we all could.

Although I have always been a spiritual person, I did have an awakening in 2004, when I nearly died by way of toxic shock.  I was slipping in and out of consciousness, hallucinating, hearing opera music - where none was playing ... it was truly terrifying.  I know that God, and God alone brought me through that and all events in my life.  In that time I learned to have a greater appreciation of God's creations.  And all that He touches.

People who have access to my Facebook Albums probably think me crazy,  I am famous for taking pictures of flowers, clouds, rain and especially trees.  I have always adored trees.  I think they are magnificent - so majestic.  Although God is with me always, I truly feel His presence when I am around trees.

I think back through my life and wonder how it is that I spent so much time ignoring the beauty around me.  Yes, I grew up in a downtown Toronto project.  But I am blessed that through my life, through my personal growth; I have seen that there is beauty - everywhere.  I have a friend who makes fun of me because I actually like dandelions - lol  I know so many people who battle them.  Swearing to rid the lawn of those pesky yellow invaders.  Why?  I think they are pretty!

I suppose what I am really wanting to convey is that life is hard.  We, as humans will go through many, many traumas in our lives.  We will love, we will cry, we will hurt, we will grieve.  But through it all, we must remember to STOP.  Look around.  And smell the roses.