Sunday, September 2, 2012

September 2012

Going to the CNE today triggered many memories of my youth.  I was reminded of how every year when the EX opened it brought upon the realization that summer holidays were coming to a quick conclusion. Summer was essentially over! School right around the corner!  ACK!!!

A very traumatic time for most students I think.  At least it was for me and most of my friends.  Although when I became a mother, back-to-school became my most favorite time of the year. lol

Because perspective changes with age, I now look at this time of the year differently.  In fact, I have really come to appreciate each month, each season for it's unique contributions to my life.

Although September is seen as the end of summer, there really is technically three more weeks of summer to enjoy.  And for me, it is typically the better part.  Overall the weather is not as scorching hot - the Autumn air begins to take an undertone to the days and the nights are starting to get cooler.  Which, for me, means great nights of sleep with the windows open - fresh air and the end of artificial cooling through the a/c.

I have to say as well that September also happens to be the month when all of my shows come back.  New Seasons!!  Gotta love the season premiers!!  Some of my favorites returning this month are Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Scandal, The Voice  ... and perhaps my all time favorite .... Dancing with the Stars!!


DWTS this season will be especially fantastic.  It is season 15 and will be all past stars.  Many of whom are winners from past seasons.  The bar is going to be raised people, and I expect fantastic things!!


September also brings on the beginning of Autumn.  I simply adore the changing of the leaves.  I remember last year talking with Dad about going out for drives to see the colors.  We spoke about going out on a drive together.  This year when I go exploring, I will carry him with me.  His passing will bring for me a whole new significance and appreciation for the beauty of the season.