Monday, September 24, 2012

Sam (The Record Man) Sniderman

I awoke this morning to learn the sad, sad news that Toronto Legend Sam Sniderman; surrounded by family, passed away in his sleep at 92 years of age.

If you ever lived in Toronto, you know that Sam's flagship store was and is a landmark of downtown Toronto.  You truly knew you were downtown when you saw those iconic lit up records spinning on the strip.

Sam later opened several other locations across the Canada, as he was a huge proponent of Canadian artists, such as Bryan Adams, Guess Who and The Bare Naked Ladies.  He sat on many industry committees and was a leader in the shift of Canadian music play on the Canadian airways.  In fact, changing the way music in Canada - and then around the world, was heard!!

Who could forget the huge red and white checkered floor tiles, which lay beneath the maze of isles within his store?  As music lovers - from everywhere - flocked to this landmark to insure they had the latest beats added to their collections.

I remember buying my very first 45 at Sam's store.  The Bay City Rollers - Saturday Night!

And I played the heck out of that record!! lol

God Bless you Sam!!  Thank you for the memories!!  
May you Rest In Heavenly Peace