Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Riverdale Farm

Today I spent a lovely morning at Riverdale Farm here in Toronto.  I hadn't been there in probably ten years or more.  Funny, because as a child, and into my teenage years - I was there all the time.

At one point Riverdale was a Zoo, long before the Toronto Zoo was ever in existence.  Riverdale, in fact has been around since the 1890's.  I have many, many childhood memories of the Zoo.  The elephants, and lynx, the monkeys and giraffes.


Those who know me best - or at all - know that I am a HUGE animal lover.  Farm animals, Wildlife, Domestic animals ... all living creatures from the lands, to the seas, to the skies.  I simply adore them all.

Perhaps being a mommy myself, I have a special weakness for baby animals!  Is there such thing as an unattractive baby-anything?  Not in my eyes!

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this day.  And not only did I get to see the grounds again - after so many years ... but I got to see the farm and surrounding neighborhood through the eyes of my friends who were visiting from the U.S.

So often we take for granted the beauty that surrounds us.  Until we are able to see it through the eyes of someone who is looking at it for the first time.   Like a child.  Everything is new.  Fresh.  Unseen.

Two of my closest and dearest friends came for a visit from the U.S. and I took them around Toronto today.  Not to the touristy stuff - anybody can do that - right?  I wanted to share with them a place close to my heart, a piece of my childhood.  A place special to me.  A place of beauty and serenity.  We had a fantastic time!!

And yes, after that we did venture outward and beyond the Victorian architecture of old houses ... we saw Yonge/Dundas Square - which is Toronto's version of Time's Square.  A stark contrast to the naturalistic paradise of the farm.  One of my friends remarked that she was surprised to see this place located in the center of such a Metropolis.  I think that is a part of the charm.  And why not show everything Toronto has to offer?

Beyond the CN Tower, the Rogers Center ... and so on.

Thank you for sharing in a fantastic day with me!  I can't wait to do it again soon!!