Sunday, September 16, 2012

Let The Music Play

Have you ever heard a song and have been instantly transported back in time?  Back to a happy place in your past?  Back to a break-up?  Reminded of an ex?  A party?  Someone special?

We all have, I'm sure.  I know that for me, music has always been an extremely important part of my life.  Whether it was dedicating a song to a loved one (how many of us have done this? lol)  Or blasting a song because it spoke to our exact emotion at that moment.

I think that is the true gift of music.  I speaks for us.  When we are happy.  When we want to praise God.  When we are sad.  Heartbroken.  When we feel like dancing.  When we are in love.  And I'm sure many ladies out there appreciate the "men are crap" music .... for when we are hurting or upset due to that special man in our lives.  I know for me the song Believe by Cher served this purpose on may occasions. lol

How many times have you been walking down the street, or doing dishes, or driving in your car when you suddenly find yourself humming a song?  And we cannot ignore that explosion of excitement when we hear a song  that we've forgotten ever existed!  A song from the past - a song we loved but had not heard in forever.  And don't you still remember EVERY word? lol

There are days when I cannot tell you how old I am but I remember ever word to every Michael Jackson song!

I just want to give thanks to the gift of music in our lives.  An important part of our lives.  I know it is for mine, and I'm sure it is for you!

Let the music play!!