Friday, September 21, 2012

Goodbye Summer

Today is the last full day of summer!  And what a beautiful summer it has been.  The hottest in decades, but also - for me - very meaningful.  Filled with many memory-making moments, which I shall cherish always.

Much like everything in life; there must be change of season, this is not a sad thing.  In fact, it is a blessing.

Autumn will be upon us at exactly 10:49AM, and I am looking forward to all that it will bring.  Although the days are getting shorter - and the nights are getting longer, the night air is cooler and wonderful for sleeping!  The trees shed their leaves to ready themselves for Winter.   Not before displaying a rainbow of beauty in color.  I simply adore the Autumn season.  The reds, golds, oranges ... stunning.  Like living in God's painting.

And who can forget the celebrations that come along with this season.  Time for family and loved ones to get together.  And yes, as my family gathers for each of the season's blessings, Dad will be present in my heart - where he dwells.

As I write this, there is exactly 16 hours and 23 minutes left of this magnificent season we call Summer.  I, for one, am going to head out now and enjoy the rest of the evening.

God Bless!  See you in the Fall!!