Saturday, September 29, 2012

CN Tower

My daughter Natasha and I had a magnificent time at the CN Tower today.  Here is a shot of beautiful Toronto from the Skypod.  YIKES.  Soooo high!!

Here's Tash posing on the Observation Deck.  The Skypod was sooo hot , ,,, we were thankful for the cool air out here!! lol

A shot of Billy Bishop Airport - taken from the Skypod.  The Waters of Lake Ontario were beautiful today.

So here is Tash and I at the bottom of the tower taking a picture with a Canadian RCMP Moose.  lol Seemed like a good idea at the time!!  Not sure why he was there - really random!

A shot of the CN Tower as we arrived earlier today.

A pic of me on the Observation Deck - Enjoying the Cool!! ;)

My baby girl and I in the Ladies Rm.  I really love this pic!!