Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back To School

And the time has come where thousands of kids, dressed up in their newest gear, head off for a new school year.  Some for the very first time.  Boy oh boy do I remember that day and all of the ones to follow.

My daughter was visiting me last night and asked me if I miss those days.... and in a way I do.  I miss the shopping and picking out the first few outfits.  In our home there were new outfits - head to toe - for the first three days ... then it was about necessities.  Gathering all of the school supplies.  Pencils, binders, paper, pencil cases, pencil crayons, and of course the new back pack to carry it all in!

One thing I do NOT miss is the packing of the lunches!!  I remember how cool I first thought it was.  The first couple of years I was all like "Awwww ... my baby is getting so big" as I faithfully packed up a healthy lunch every night!  After about grade 6 I was over it!  I hated it in fact! lol

I was actually thankful for High School when I could just budget out lunch money for her to take each day.

Certainly more expensive - but MUCH easier!

It is raining today in Toronto... and this morning when I took Bentley out for a walk, I could not help by be struck by the cuteness of the little ones heading off for school in their raincoats and little ducky boots.  Adorable!!

I could not help but also notice that many of the drivers out there need a refresher course on driving in school zones, especially during rainy weather / wet roads!

Please, Please, PLEASE ... be Alert, Aware, and Cautious when you are driving - Especially in School Zones!!!  NOBODY wants a child in the family to be injured on the way to a day of learning!!!

There is nowhere you could be going that is so important as to put the life of others in jeopardy.  Especially the lives of our children!!!

Wishing the Mommies, Daddies and Students an amazing and Safe first day of school!!!