Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Turn Of A Year

A few days ago I was speaking to a friend of mine about how quickly Dad's health had taken a turn.  How without us evening knowing it, when he became ill it was the beginning of the end.

Only a short year ago my niece came from B.C. to visit her Grammy and Papa.  Oh how healthy Dad looked!  How strong he was!  Vibrant!  Enjoying Life!

This week is a year since their visit.  Thank God they were able to share such precious and treasured time together, as the calendar turned, and cancer began to ravage Dad's body we truly realize that time is precious.

We are reminded of this as we wait, each precious hour a new gift.  A miracle that Dad is still with us.  His body tired, so much weight lost, his organs struggle to function, multiple fractures throughout his body as a result of the Bone Cancer.

Still, it is not until we see what was; that we truly see what is.

God has enabled Dad to hold on, hold on until his first born grandson Drew could make the trip from B.C. to visit with his Grammy and Papa.  To be the strength Dad needs.

My sister Karen posted this picture last night, and it struck me how tender a moment this is.  Drew is a strong young man, so lovingly, tenderly feeding Dad a Popsicle.  I have seen many pictures of Drew as a child, comforted in Dad's strong embrace.  Now Dad finds comfort in Drew's presence.

Thank you God for this precious gift!
For both Dad, and Drew!
A true testimony that God may not always provide what is wanted,
... but He always provides what is needed!