Thursday, August 23, 2012

On The Roof

I moved to my current place this past January.  The building I now live in has a roof terrace, but the tenants of the building were locked out from using the deck.  This is something that dad just could not get over.  It was like he took it personally!! lol  Almost every time we spoke he would ask "have you been on the roof yet???"  ...  Finally we were allowed up.  I remember calling him and saying ... "Dad! I was on the roof today!!"  lol

One of the last times we spoke before he passed, he was asking me if I had been up on the roof lately.  He asked me if there was a roof garden.  I explained that yes, it was a green roof, with boxed planters and such.  He spoke of how he loved roof gardens and reminisced about our trip to China and how beautiful the green roofs were there.

Since dad's passing, I have not been able to go up on the roof.  I feel a connection to him up there.  It was just too hard!

Today I was moved to go up.  I felt called to be up there.  So I went.  It was calm, warm, a soft breeze.  Birds and planes flying about.  The sun was getting ready to set.  The waters of Lake Ontario looked blue and rippling.  Contrasting the white sails of the boats bobbing around on the waves.

It was very serene.

... I miss you dad.