Monday, August 27, 2012

Dance In The Rain

I opened my eyes this morning and it looked like it was 8:00 at night!  The skies are dark, the sound of the rain drumming against my window.  A perfect day to curl up under the blankets and watch movies in between naps.

I got up and washed my face, put up my hair and got dressed to take my dog out for his morning walk.

Those familiar with Bentley know that he is not a fan of storms.  I suppose none of us are.

My heart truly breaks for him when the claps of thunder and flashes of lightening descend upon our world. He becomes traumatized.  A result of being abandoned on a farm before we found one another.  Because his reaction to the storms are so bad ... so much so that I often worry he will have a heart attack!  I have become extremely unhappy when it storms.

As a child I use to love the rain.  I remember my mother thinking I was crazy when sheets of rain would pour down - so strong that you could barely see across the street, and I wanted to go out in it.  As far as I was concerned - the harder it poured - the better! I use to love to get completely soaked - like a drowned rat, mom would say! lol

I found it soothing.

I loved the way the rain washed away the old.  A clean slate left in it's wake.  Like a baptism.  A rebirth.

This morning as Bentley and I headed out into the rain ... (thankfully with no thunder and lightening) ...  I stood silent.  The leash fully extended as he took care of his personal business, my eyes looked upward to the heavens.  Allowing the cool drops of water to wash over my face.  The droplets like diamonds on my eyelashes. Not concerned about getting wet, or the dog getting wet.

Just BEing one with the moment.

We took the long way back home.  No mad dash to avoid what nature had served.  But rather welcoming it, reveling in it, praising it.

My eyes turned to the trees and the grass ... knowing that they are enjoying a well-needed drink after the hot, hot summer months.

Reminded that everything is with reason.

That God is perfect.