Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mass Shooting In Scarborough

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair calls this Mass Shooting the worst he'd ever seen in his career, and the worst in Canada.   A brazing shooting that took place at a block party on Danzig Ave. in Scarborough (East Toronto.)

Reports say that there are at least two shooters, responsible for the deaths of a 14y/o girl and 20y/o male, in addition to 19 victims who were rushed to hospital.  Including an infant who sustained a gunshot wound.

Having lived in Toronto for my entire life.  Growing up in Toronto's Regent Park.  I am appalled, disgusted and frankly, angry with the events that have unfolded this evening.

I have to say;  IF you think opening fire to solve your issues makes you a man .... you are ever so sadly mistaken.   I mean really!!!  IF you were an actual MAN handling your affairs, you would do so with either words or fists.

AND ... Let me say right here and now that IF you leave your home with a gun.  You are CLEARLY intending to use it.  It is not a fashion accessory.  It is a statement.  IF you are prepared to make that statement, as far as I am concerned it is intent - which to me means premeditation.  And IF you are caught with a weapon - whether you have used it or not ... you should receive LIFE in prison.  Because the fact of the matter is that you will be serving time for 1st degree murder - whether or not the murder has actually occurred.  IT was your INTENT to KILL.

Let me say it clearly.  PUT DOWN THE GUNS!!!!!

I want to close this with my Heartfelt Thoughts, Prayers and Condolences to the Victims and their Families.

May God embrace and comfort you.