Friday, July 27, 2012

Kulgawetz Pets

This is Bentley.  He is a German Shepherd / Chocolate Lab / Collie mix.  He is 8 1/2 years old.

Bentley joined the family in September/2006.  He was abandoned on a field in Acton Ontario.  His previous owner worked construction and as a result, Bentley was left to fend for himself 18 hrs a day.  Rain. Shine. Dodging Lightening Bolts.  You get the picture!

I always wanted a dog and I began my search.  I did not want a puppy - not that I don't adore puppies, but I  just did not have the energy for them!!  I "almost" got several dogs ... but something was always 'off'.  When I found Bentley, and learned of his breeds - which happen to be three of my absolute favorite breeds!  I learned that he was 2 1/2 year old.  Perfect!!

The first day he trotted into my home, it was as though he had always been there.

Instantly he became a member of our family and we are richer because of him!!

Diva joined our family in February/2009.  She was born in the home of one of my good friends up in Sudbury Ontario.  She was born at the end of 2008 - just around the time when I was first diagnosed with Cancer.  When I saw the pictures of the kittens, I instantly knew that she was going to be a perfect addition to our family.  I immediately claimed her and told my friend to start calling her "Diva".

I could tell by the glint in her eye and the expression on her sweet face in the picture that she was a sweet soul with a little bit of oomph!!  lol  And that she does!!  She will cuddle and sleep on your lap - but don't think that you can get yourself some cheese or ice-cream without giving her some!!  She will surely tell you off until you give in! lol

Because Bentley was so traumatized when he came to live with me, as he struggled with separation anxiety, I thought that bringing Diva into our home would bring a soothing energy and comfort to Bentley as a member of 'the pack' would always be home.

It was truly destiny!  They fit together like a hand in a glove.

Classy is my daughter's kitty.  She joined the family when my daughter first got her own place in October/2010.   Growing up, my daughter always had pets.  I am a huge animal lover and that is a trait passed down to my daughter, so when she moved on her own - she just had to have a little fur-baby of her own.   Classy was given to her by my niece who could no longer keep her.

As you can see in this picture, Classy definitely has a bit of a 'tude!  She is loving and absolutely adores my daughter!!

My Zoe came to us in September/2011.  She was found by one of my friends.  Someone threw her in a dumpster when she was only 7 months old - with her kittens!!!  (This makes my blood boil even as I type the words!!!)

Zoe is the most sweetest soul you have ever met.  She is a Main-Coon breed and also Polydactyl, which is typical for the breed.  Typically cats have 5 toes on each front paw and 4 toes on each back paw for a total of 18 toes.   Polydactyl cats have more digits.  Zoe has 6 toes on each paw for a total of 24 toes.  7 toes on each paw is the world record, held by a cat here in Ontario Canada.

Zoe and Diva became instant sisters.  The dynamic is interesting as Diva is 4 years of age and Zoe is 1, but Zoe has had a litter and so has been a mom.  Diva has not.  Zoe, because of her breed in about three times the size of Diva, who was the runt. lol

It is all love though.  They are truly inseparable!!

The newest member of the family is Mr. Zack Rabbit!!  He lives with my sister and is another sweetie  lol My sister will say that for the first few months we were sure he thought his name was "sweetheart" as that is what she would always call him. lol

Funnily enough he too is a perfect fit.  Bentley and I have bunnysit on many occasions when my sis is out of town.  Who knew a 90lb dog and a 3lb rabbit could be friends?

We all have been really fortunate with the animals who have come to join our family.  Each of them are very sweet with very distinctive personalities and character traits.  Our family is richer for them and they have definitely claimed their place as a Kulgawetz!!