Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Karen!

July 1st, 1976, my baby sister was born!  Oh how I would have loved to been there for that!! How I would have spoiled you, cuddled and kissed you!  I would have dressed you up in my dolly clothes and made plans for all of the things I would have taught you as I introduced you to Sesame Street!!

1986, you are 10 years old!!! No longer single digits!!  I think of all of the places we would have gone and all of the life experiences we would have shared together.  I probably would have had to inform you by now that all of the firecrackers going off were in fact not for your birthday - but for Canada Day!!  Nothing personal, it's just what older sisters do!  ;-)   Sisters also teach you how to swim, teach you how to ride a bike and catch you when you fall.  Then we giggle a bit.  But it is all in  L.O.V.E.

Sixteen Years Old!!!  How did that happen???  My baby sister is growing up. And what a beauty you were (and still are).  I'm sure all of the boys were falling over themselves trying to win your attentions and affections.  Alas, there would only be one who would capture your heart.  And what a lucky man he is!

Did I mention what a great job you did in choosing my brother-in-law??  Way to go sis!! It's like you knew!!

You are 21 years old!!  Where did the time go???  You are a young lady now.  Married and starting your life.  How I wish I could have been there to see you get married.  I know that my makeup would have been washed off of my face through the waterfall of tears of joy and pride.  (And a little bit of envy lol)   How exactly does my baby sister get married first?  How did that happen?? lol

Whoa!!! Hey sis!! You're getting old!!! ;-)  The beginning of a new decade .... welcome to my world!! I hated my thirties but like always, you thrived.  You are now a mommy!!  And by the way - thank you for making me an Auntie!! I love my nephew and niece oh so very much!  Hey! Here's a thought,  why not have a third child?  So I can be there during your pregnancy.  I can watch as your belly grows.  I can feel the baby kicking, and make fun of your cravings.  And just you try and stop me from being there for the delivery!!  

July 1st, 2012.  You are 36!!


How the time flies eh?  :-)

Even though we've missed a lifetime together.  I knew of you long before we were ever brought together.  The moment I heard about you - I loved you.  And although I am saddened by all of the time lost, I am joyful with the thoughts of the lifetime that lies ahead of us.  I am so proud to be your sister.  So blessed that you are mine.  I appreciate you.  I love you.  And I wish you the most beautiful Birthday - we can even pretend that the fireworks are for you.  Because you deserve them!

Love Always,

Your Beautiful (Slightly Older) Sister,