Thursday, July 26, 2012


There are many days where I am quite frustrated with Facebook.  The constant updates and changing of formats.  The little glitches here and there.  But overall - I think we all should be grateful for this social networking giant in our lives.  I know that I certainly am!

I spend quite a bit of time on Facebook, playing games, sharing pictures, thoughts and love with those on my page.

Facebook has been quite a remarkable tool for me in my life.  It brings my friends and family together.  Through Facebook I have met some wonderfully beautiful people from all around the world, whom I would not have ordinarily had the opportunity to meet.  And because of Facebook - my life-long search for my father came to a close on Father's Day/11!!!

I have to say that although I do 'house cleaning' about once a year and delete people whom I no longer converse with, or who are just too dramatic to be in my space, I love the people I have around me.

I love the network of support we are for one another.  Whether is it congratulating or offering well wishes for a special occasion or event such as weddings, graduations, birth of children.  Or Wishing luck on upcoming job interviews  Offering prayer and positive energy to lift loved ones when they are ill.  There truly are power in numbers!

I love reading your statuses and having at times spirited debates about current affairs. I love looking at your pictures.  Watching your children grow up - some of which I have been watching since they were still in your tummy! Seeing where you travel to on your vacations.  Sharing holidays and life's ups and downs with each of you.  Whether we speak daily or share a healthy competitive battle in gaming,,,  Whether I have known you for a lifetime, have not seen you since grade school, or speak to you on the phone while I look at your photo albums online.... or if our paths have never crossed in person .... I am happy, honored and blessed to have you in my life!

Thank you for being a Friend!!