Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Every Little Step

My childhood and teens, my feet took me wherever I wanted to go.  There was never any thought, hesitation, no planning involved. In my twenties I began to feel the strain, my energy gradually decreasing.  No obvious reasons as to why someone so young was existing in a body that felt so old. So tired.  So weak.

My thirties brought the turn of a decade and the turn of my life.  A diagnosis bought clarity and confusion in one breath.  The answers to my twenties brought questions of what would lay ahead.  Where would I go from here?  Would I have the energy and strength to engage the journey before me?

Many days when I felt that the battle was lost.  My body grew weary, my threshold carried more pain than I ever believed possible.  What was once debilitating became the norm.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  The lesson we all must inevitably learn in life.  A gift from God - the endurance to clear all of life's hurdles.

Yet as the decade draws to a close, years of mourning the old and learning to adapt to the new; remnants of what was, buried deep beneath the pain.. the weakness.. the fog; cries out to not be forgotten.  Not to be abandoned in the loss of hope.

You must fight.  You must not give in.  Take that extra step.  Regain strength.  Motivation is aplenty.

Another decade is a third of the way through.  I wonder if I will ever again realize what often escapes the awareness of the well-bodied people.

My faith is tested.  My truths begin to give way to life's dark reality.

Crossroads unite our lives and we become a part of the same story.  Separated by decades, and circumstance.  Where one ends, the other begins.  Illness stole away freedom, life, independence,  assurance.

A precious gift bears forth where inspiration resides.  In you I see me.  In me I see you.  We are of one blood.  One story.  Let us not be of one reality.  Allow the gift to be unwrapped.  Allow the glory to shine through your example.  Your courage.  Your faith.  Your mercy.

With each surge of pain I see your face.  
With each accomplishment I see your face. 
With the warmth of the sun I see your face.
With breeze in my hair I see your face.
With determination I see your face.
With courage I see your face.
With faith I see your face.
With Every Little Step I see your face.

I walk for you.
I walk for you.
With every little step,
I walk for you.